Our Environment

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Our learning environment

Children benefit profoundly from building a strong connection with nature. At 'Dragonfly Play & Learn' we utilize our outdoor area to its fullest extent to facilitate a culture of sustainability and respect for the natural environment. As children immerse themselves in play, our educators sensitively observe the child’s ideas and, as a cohesive team, create inviting settings to motivate exploration.

We have a large undercover area below the elevated house, which provides abundant shade and lovely cross breezes. It lends itself beautifully to a space for role play invitations, a place to relax or engage in artistic exploration, and to utilize the many resources and learning materials available to the children.

A winding footpath and hand-crafted stepping stones will invite you to explore our garden which has been thoughtfully designed to offer rich play opportunities. Children will be engaged with creating mixtures in the mud kitchen, engineering constructions with logs, planks and other loose parts, riding bikes, venturing through our dry river bed, or painting in the shade of the gazebo.

Upstairs offers a breezy balcony ideal for quiet painting, clay work and projects.